How will Environmental and Landscape Design move forward?

]Since technology is advancing we are adapting to new software that helps create new efficient designs. Landscape design is one of the important parts of the Architecture and planning field, which is why many of the design software's provide important tools that can be used to create innovative landscape/environmental designs. Most architects are moving forward and starting to use landscape specific design software however there are still architects and planners that believe the software is unnecessary.

Landscape architects and Environmental Planners work together to design outside settings such as large parks, green spaces and even a backyard. Landscape architects and planners make sure to incorporate nature into residential and urban areas with many creative and distinctive ways. Frederick Law Olmstead was one of the most influential architects and his projects were mainly landscape architecture. He is known for planning central park in New York City and other parks such as the first American national park in Niagara Falls. Landscape design nowadays makes strides towards restoring nature in many urban areas that often lack green spaces for the public.

Since Landscape architecture has established itself as a main part of modern architecture then there is high demand for architects to be more environmentally friendly. With design software becoming more advanced some software specialize only on landscape designs which includes advanced features such as showing accurate topography and including terrain in your designs. The environmental design software also help make designs as accurate as possible and at a quicker pace like mentioned in the article Taking a look at the other side: The pros of landscaping software the author Jill Odems mentions “in the recent years as people have become more impatient, the necessity of having a fast turnaround is far more important than being able to produce a hand-drawn project.” For this reason many people and architects like the new software, however some architects are not convinced yet.

Some of the old school architects still believe that sketching a project is more effective than doing it on a computer. Odems explains how some of her colleagues believe that when showing a design done by computer to a client implies that the design is complete and sometimes doesn’t convince the client. On the other hand with a drawing the client knows that the final design isn’t complete and is still subjected to change which is why clients may trust the drawn design more than the one done on the software. Another issue seems to be the price of using design software and their monthly subscriptions. Some architects complain that having subscriptions to various programs ends up becoming really pricey and expensive for a design that can be done by hand and with more detail.

The future is inevitable and technology keeps advancing therefore AutoCAD and other software are here to stay. Although people worry that Architecture will get rid of sketching designs, I still believe that drawing out your design can serve as a draft that can later be translated onto the software which will help make future projects efficient and concrete.



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